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Friedens Church Register
470 Pages; Images of the Friedens Church register with transcription, other church documents, church history, and comprehensive index
45.00 7.00
HKMI Cookbook
119 Pages; family recipes and memories
12.00 3.00
The New Hottel History - George Line , B. Paul Huddle editor, 1998 Edition
Hardcover, 1,163 pages.
75.00 6.00
The New Hottel History - Charles Line , B. Paul Huddle editor, 2003 Edition
75.00 6.00
Hottel Coat of Arms
Suitable for Framing.
10.00 4.00
Set 0f 5 Historic Photos
Pictures of George Hottel house and John Hottel house.
10.00 1.00
Historical Commemorative Cups
15.00 5.00
Historical Documents pertaining to the immigrants John Hottel and George Keller
4.00 2.00
The Hottel Homestead, Summer 1995 Lithograph. Will fit 18" X 24" frame.
34.95 4.00

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